Blowing Machine


Blowing Machine

Fully automatic rotary blowing machine is the PET high speed rotary blower self-developed with the most advanced blowing technology. It features automation, high intelligence, stable performance, high efficiency, low cost and no inter-mediate pollution.

As the national key torch project, the bottle blowing technology lead the advance of this field and fill the blank of our high speed bottle blowing device. It is widely used for PET bottles production of beverage, milk, edible oil, food, medical, cosmetics and detergent.


Tech-Long fully automatic rotary high blowing machine consist of CPXX series, RJM series, RJM2& CPXD series.

◆High automatic;
◆High intelligence;
◆Excellent and stable product quality;
◆High productivity: max 1800/moulds per hour;
◆Low machine noise;
◆High clearance, no inter-mediate pollution;
◆Low production cost;
◆Good visuality, maintenance and safety.

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