Secondary Packaging Machine


Secondary Packaging Machine

The packaging products can be divided into 3 types, palletizer, shrink wrapper with pad, case palletizer or depalletizer. Each series contain various products, which widely used in beer, beverage and food industries. It conducts secondary package for various bottles, cans or bottled water and can be used together with automatic filling line.

The packaging product features high automatization, reliable control, simple adjust, easy to operation and maintenance. In order to expand our market, we keep on new products development. At present, we have developed advanced new product, spider claw-like robot which expand our package products application in food, electron and medicals industry.



Traditional palletizer is for carton, plastic case and film palletizing, aimed at the characteristics of beer and beverage industry, featured by its fast speed, high production efficiency, low stoppage rate, easy operation.
it is applicable for 20000~65000BPH, and can be divided into single palletizer, dual lane palletzier and dual stack palletizer.


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